Our production and industrial complex has more than twenty years of brilliant experience, is one of the leading complexes that develop and produce various types of crushing equipment in accordance with the needs of consumers.
This complex currently produces different types of crushing plants:
Jaw Crusher
Rotary Crushers
Kubits of different models as; HS-7, HS-10, HS-14
Vertical Sand Shaft
Screen for dehydration of sand, etc.
The company exports to foreign countries products that are by no means inferior to those of foreign competitors in terms of quality and cost.
Other advantages are the high quality of service provision in accordance with international standards, since low and favorable prices, timely delivery of products, optimization of the quality of products, free consulting services before and after the sale in order to ensure the satisfaction of customers and customers, which is included in the main objectives and objectives our business.

Thanks to the constant efforts of our hardworking staff, we managed to export our products to such countries as Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Ukraine, Russia, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Oman and several African countries.
Department of Engineering and Engineering – Using the latest technical and engineering software, as well as modern scientific technologies, we are making efforts to optimize and improve the quality of our products.
Technical Service Department – Qualified and experienced personnel are ready to carry out technical maintenance of crushing equipment.
Sales and Marketing Department – Analyzing the technical characteristics of products, as well as their scope, depending on the needs and conditions of customers, provides the most optimal solutions and offers by their client, which significantly reduces the time and costs of customers.

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